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Deliver Surveying, Mapping and Design Projects with Cloud Convenience
DroneGIS enables to easily combine into a single map
Point Clouds
3D Models
Sensor Data
RGB Maps
To share with existing and potential customers
How It Works
DroneGIS seamlessly integrates with a wide array of data formats from various software, ensuring that no matter the origin of the spatial data, you can share data with customers

Export data from processing software

Supported Photogrammetry, LiDAR, Hydrology/Geophysics, GIS/CAD/BIM/Design file formats:
- GeoTiff: RGB, thermal, elevation
- Geosoft Grids
- Point cloud: LAS, LAZ
- SkyHub CSV
- Designs: DXF, GeoJSON
- 3D models: B3DM, FBX, OBJ
- Images: JPG, PNG
- request which data format has to be added as next?!

Upload data to DroneGIS cloud

- Combine various spatial data on the map
- Configure views of the data

Share data with your partners

- Shareable web-link for any browser: desktop and mobile are supported. Make it public (Discover public DroneGIS projects »»») or allow access only for registered users
- Embed the map as HTML snippet into website
- Create a .DOCX report with map snapshot and annotations

DroneGIS project gallery

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Humberto Judex
Chairman and Co-founder
Aerosonda is a Colombian company with 15 years of experience, based in Bogota. We perform Close Visual Asset Inspections, Jobsite Monitoring and Aerial Mapping. The industries we serve are Oil & Gas, Construction, energy, utilities. We use DroneGis as a cloud viewer and analytics tool for our projects.
Santi Azcona
DroneGIS has allowed us to efficiently communicate all of our clients' construction progress. The platform gives us the possibility to control according to plans and thus minimise construction errors, documenting each step. At the moment, we have fully onboarded a couple of customers and we plan to expand the services to more of our customer base.