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Installation and drone connection using UgCS for DJI Android app
Connecting to UgCS from DJI PIlot 2
How to export UgCS route to DJI Pilot 2
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How- Tos
How to plan building inspections
How to import and export UgCS Telemetry
Caching map and elevation for offline use with UgCS
How to stream video from DJI to UgCS Enterprise
How to connect a DJI drone to UgCS
How to generate map and elevation using UgCS Mapper
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Community Content
How to fly a DJI Drone Terrain Following Mission with UgCS | by Indiana Drones
The BEST Automated Drone Photogrammetry App! - UgCS | by Dylan Gorman
How to plan a Lidar Mission in UgCS Expert Mission Planner | by DroneMappingTools
UgCS Terrain Follow To/From Mission | by Frontier Precision Unmanned
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What’s new in UgCS 4.17
Introduction to Aerial LiDAR Data Collection and Processing | feat. YellowScan, Hepta Airborne
Long Corridor Mission Planning | feat. ROHL Global Networks
DJI Mavic 3E x UgCS for Vertical Surveying | featuring DJI, Sorodron
High tech agriculture with drones - current challenges and solutions | fet. Proofminder
Performing LiDAR surveys in hard-to-reach areas with complex elevation (Case of Costa Rica) | feat. Topodrone
UgCS Mission Planning + LiDAR360 Data Processing | feat. GreenValley International
UgCS for High-Resolution vertical inspections of concrete arch dam | feat. Niricson
Getting started with UgCS flight planning
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