v.5 is out Now!
Scan the area and detect metals several times faster compared with handheld devices and obtain geo-referenced maps of the area.
Acquire subsurface data quickly, safely, and efficiently. Combine Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) with drones to see through ground, ice, rocks, and water in tough spots.
Echo sounder
Bathymetric surveying for faster and more cost-efficient mapping of water depths and sediments. The best solution for hard-to-reach locations, and hazardous environments.
Methane detector
Deploy a combined remote methane detector and drone system for conducting surveys of natural gas pipelines, inspecting tanks, monitoring emissions in landfills, testing gas wells, and conducting safety audits within industrial plants.
Water sampler
Collect samples at long distances from the shore without a boat with a remote sampling system based on UAV.
Allows the drone to follow the terrain with very high precision at low altitude using an altimeter sensor - True Terrain Following.
Obstacle detection radar
Detects obstacles in front of the drone at far distances, range is up to 40m.
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