Release Notes | Integrated Systems
Custom Payload Monitor v.3.19
August 30, 2023
What's New
  • Support for multiple scalar widgets was added
  • Support for QuSpin Gen-2 magnetometer added
  • Possible to install CPM into an existing directory
  • Support for Skyhub V2 was removed
  • Fixed saving of TTF configuration
  • Fixed Skyhub logs download
Known Issues
Custom Payload Monitor v.3.18
November 14, 2022
What's New
  • New SkyHub ROS-based SDK for third-party modules development
  • Improved Lightware SF-30/D altimeter support: reduced time lag, filtering support
  • Added support for Ainteins US-D1 altimeter
  • Automatically select altitude source depending on the aircraft simulation state for TTF and GH modes
  • The pulse delay value for Radsys Zond Aero LF GPR determined with Prism software can be used in SkyHub configuration as is
  • Echo sounders parameters are aligned with the vendor’s manual: FREQUENCY_HZ becomes INTERVAL_S. Values must be changed from Hz to seconds.
Known Issues

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