Sharing 4D maps with clients and a team

Data Processing & Custom Development
January 30, 2023

Present 4D survey results to your clients anywhere with ATLAS


Surveying companies often struggle with timely payments due to a slow approval process on the client's side. In some cases it might even be taking weeks to complete. They currently use Google Drive, WeTransfer, flash drives and mail to deliver their point clouds, orthomosaics, DSM/DTM, CAD drawings, geophysical data, PDFs, and Excel reports. The size of the projects can often be over 10 GB, requiring clients to first download the data, find compatible software, review, and provide feedback.
Another important aspect is that a surveying company may not need cloud storage all year long, but only during a project period of several weeks.


To address these issues, we developed ATLAS Cloud, which helps survey companies to deliver results to their customers easily and efficiently.
To speed up project approval by three times, the solution is to present all data to the client on a single, web-based platform accessible through a browser. This eliminates the need for downloading data or investing in expensive GIS/CAD software to view project results. Our clients, who primarily use Pix4D, Metashape, and Bentley for in-house photogrammetry processing, appreciate that we respect their choice and only offer data sharing, not cloud processing.

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Pro / On-demand

Quick data sharing for your team

Spatial data management for the organization

2D/3D data viewer: orthomosaics(Geotiff), DEM(Geotiff), point cloud(LAS/LAZ), gridded data(Geotiff, CSV), images (JPG, PNG), 2D/3D designs (DXF), video (MP4/AVI)

Annotations web-editor with export/import to/from GeoJSON/KML/Shape

Unlimited number of registered users with group management and access control

Public links to the sharable data for clients

Unlimited number of projects with progress tracking and timeline

Service as available as SaaS

Support by email

All Pro features + various adjustable options:

Photogrammetry processing with Pix4D Engine SDK

Data Processing API for your own data processing workflows and AI object detectors

White labeling with the ability to change logo and application color

Private hosting in your own Amazon AWS account, other cloud, or on the hardware server

Integration with OAuth providers such as Auth0, Amazon Cognito, FusionAuth

Custom data processing workflows with our software development experts

Support by email, Zoom

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