Desktop software for Windows for documenting UAV-based visual inspections and generating DOCX and KMZ reports from images.
Applicable for asset types: Roofs, Power poles/pylons, Wind turbines, Cell towers, Buildings, Bridges
Annotate image regions with issues
Assign severity from 1 to 5
Comment and tag issues
Filter images by tag and annotation presence
Export DOCX report
Export KMZ with camera positions and images
No cloud access needed. Software works offline
Share 4D maps with clients and team
Scalable storage
2D/3D data viewer for orthomosaics (Geotiff), DEM (Geotiff), point cloud (LAS/LAZ), gridded data (Geotiff, CSV), images (JPG, PNG), 2D/3D designs (DXF), video (MP4/AVI)
White labeling with users logo and corporate color of the software
Annotations web-editor with export/import to/from GeoJSON/KML/Shape
Unlimited number of registered users with group management and access control
Public links to shareable data for clients
Unlimited number of projects with progress tracking and timeline
Support by email
UgCS Mapper
Affordable lightweight drone image and video processing software to create 2D maps and elevation models.
Works offline in the field
Stitch orthophoto from georeferenced JPG images
Stitch multispectral 3-channel RGN JPEG images to generate NDVI indexes
Compatible with Micasense RedEdge-M/-MX
Generate DSM/elevation data from georeferenced JPG images