Partner Program

SPH Engineering invites professional drone companies to explore partner program opportunities in an evolving market of commercial drones and sensing technologies!

We are inviting

Join the Partner program of SPH Engineering and transform your business to the next level!

SPH Engineering partner’s program offers benefits that will help you
Our partners have a proven track record of generating 6 to 7-figure profits annually with rapid growth each year.

Partner Program Features

Discounts and Special Offers
Significant discounts on products, software, and services, exclusive promotions, and other special perks.
Resources and Support
Access to resources, tools, and support for marketing materials, sales collateral, training programs, technical support, and other resources to sell our products and services.
Industry Knowledge and Expertise
Knowledge and expertise in the industry, business insights, customer profiles, the latest trends, regulations, and technologies. This will position you as an expert in the field and provide opportunities for acquiring new customers and opportunities.
New Technologies and Innovations
SPH Engineering's partner program provides access to new technologies, innovations, and product updates. This gives our partners a competitive advantage and allows partners to stay at the forefront of industry trends and advancements.

Partner Program Levels

Select the partner program tailored to your business
If you are looking to resell our products through various channels such as online marketplaces, brick-and-mortar retail stores, or through direct sales to customers.
Authorized Partner
If you wish to gain deep expertise about SPH Engineering’s products and services. For businesses that can meet certain criteria, such as demonstrating industry expertise, meeting sales requirements, or having a proven track record of customer service capabilities. As an Authorized partner, you will receive generous benefits and incentives.
Premium Partner
A top-tier partnership status that will give you special and additional privileges in the market for the product(s) or market itself, additional benefits, and responsibilities beyond those of Reseller or Authorized partner.