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Custom Development delivering essential technologies to facilitate your drone-based solutions

Data Processing & Custom Development
January 21, 2021

SPH Engineering consults on how to design and develop drone-based solutions and build custom flight-planning software; integrate drones into corporate IT infrastructure to automate data exchange and processing workflows of drone-service providers; help to minimize implementation costs of drone solutions, providing essential technologies.

We provide solutions for:

  • Drone service providers
  • GIS departments
  • Drone solution manufacturers
  • Universities


  • Identify problems - Together with client problems are identified
  • Design the Solution - Find the approach to the solution; Build implementation roadmap; Build architectural design; Build MVP; Build a turn-key solution
  • Training - In-depth training of teams to successfully adopt newly developed technologies
  • Educational Programs - Teaching programs for related industries, involving practical sessions with UgCS or DroneGIS (prev. ATLAS)


We minimize cost and time to market, building solutions on top of drone flight management software #UgCS and #DroneGIS

  • Mobile, desktop, cloud GCS
  • Integration with UTMs
  • Photogrammetry, LiDAR data processing workflows
  • Custom drone-based inspection flight patterns
  • Integration with security systems and VMS
  • Spatial web-portals for organizations
  • Custom payload integration
  • Integration with drone docks
  • AI object detection and segmentation models
  • Integration with drone inventory and asset management systems
  • Obstacle avoidance, terrain following

Interested in developing with us?

Consider SPH Engineering's in-house UAV technologies - we offer solutions based on UgCS SDK and DroneGIS platform


SDK for 3rd party drone software developers implementing:

  • In-flight drone control
  • Flight planning tools
  • Telemetry streaming/recording
  • Video streaming/recording
  • UTM integration
  • Drone dock integration
  • Supports most popular UAV platforms including DJI M300, M600, M2X0, Inspire, Phantom series, Mavic series, and MAVLink-compatible drones (Pixhawk with ArduPilot/PX4).

DroneGIS platform

A data management platform for the drone department to store, visualize, and share images, orthophotos, point clouds, DSM/DTM, and DXF.
ATLAS streamlines:

  • Access to survey data through the web-based interface
  • Photogrammetry processing provides centralized web-based access to Pix4D Engine, Agisoft Metashape
  • AI processing provides a visual framework for custom object detection and segmentation models
  • ATLAS supports:
  • On-premises deployment
  • White labeling