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Daewoo Engineering and Construction and SPH Engineering disclose AI partnership

Data Processing & Custom Development
November 16, 2020

SPH Engineering announces the cooperation with Daewoo Engineering and Construction to support the partner’s data management projects with ATLAS, a unique AI platform enabling aerial imagery storage, maps creation, change tracking, object detection and territory segmentation. Photogrammetry data is expected to become one of the key components for storage and processing.

ATLAS will enable Daewoo Engineering and Construction, in particular, to set up an online archive of drone imagery and photogrammetry products, track changes and generate reports, automate object detection and measure the identified objects of interest. Thanks to enhanced analytical capability for drone inspections, the platform will increase data availability for participants of construction workflow and help to save days of manual processing.

“ATLAS can be definitely used in various fields, but it will be a groundbreaking platform, especially in the field of construction survey. We're going to grow further together”, Geunmok Song(Alex), Digital construction team manager of Daewoo Engineering and Construction, comments.

“When we introduced ATLAS back in spring, first of all we wanted to support our existing UgCS customers with an easy-to-use AI tool to store and process data collected with our software integrated to a UAV. We are proud that Daewoo Engineering and Construction, the representative of Korea, has opted for our solution: the company has presented various ideas from the perspective of the actual construction company employee. We are happy to modify ATLAS interface for Daewoo’s style and needs, including color and logo adjustments”, Alexei Yankelevich, R&D Director of SPH Engineering, adds.

About SPH Engineering

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