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Webinar | SkyHub 3: new capabilities & sensor integrations

Integrated Systems
May 5, 2022

The UgCS SkyHub hardware is a unique UAV onboard computer to support the collection of data from diverse sensors.

The 1st generation version of UgCS SkyHub was developed in 2017 to integrate a low-frequency GPR system with DJI M600 Pro drone. Since then its functions have been constantly improved, connectivity possibilities have been extended, support for more types of drones and sensors have been added.

UgCS SkyHub v.3 has virtually endless capabilities for sensors integration, flight control, and data processing/fusion.

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Webinar agenda:

  • UgCS SkyHub v.3 inside
  • Sensors
  • Flight modes (True Terrain Following and Grasshopper)
  • Laser altimeters are back!
  • Some future plans (SDK, universal driver)