Webinar | UgCS for High-Resolution vertical inspections of concrete arch dam with Niricson

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UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
June 1, 2022

Discover a new webinar organized by SPH Engineering and Niricson.

UgCS by SPH Engineering gives professional drone pilots the ability to plan detailed survey missions in a 3D environment on PC/Mac. One of the features of UgCS is the ability to plan vertical inspection missions with terrain following based on custom imported digital elevation models (DEM).

Niricson is one of the fastest growing start-ups in Canada, having top hydro dam owners and engineering consulting firms as customers around the world. Niricson’s AUTOSPEX cloud-based platform, enables asset managers and civil engineers to quickly gather insights and proactively plan the repair of their assets. The platform helps them manage their budgets and help ensure the safety of the high consequence structures during their service life and beyond.


  • Connecting your drone to UgCS
  • Custom camera configuration and actions
  • Planning vertical missions
  • Importing digital elevation models
  • Performing hydro dam inspections using drones (Niricson) and processing data