Webinar | UgCS features explained: #3 Facade / Vertical scan

UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
April 20, 2020

SPH Engineering introduced a new webinar presenting the Vertical scan tool.

The webinar-recording presents:

  • Scouting area for Facade scan = flying manually around the building, to have Telemetry data which is then used as guidelines for Facade/Vertical scan
  • Preparing route without 3D model
  • Safety measures
  • Flying Facade scan mission
  • Q&A

Discover the automatic UgCS Facade/Vertical scan tool >>>


Answers provided by UgCS Support team to questions asked during the webinar:

  • Q: Is is possible to override the 5m Minimum Height setting?
    A: It is possible. In UgCS under the Main menu – Profiles – drone profile. You can edit the drone profile and change parameter “Safe height over terrain”. NOTE. Flying below 5m on standard GPS is very dangerous. Drone altitude may float up to 3 m. You need very accurate elevation data to perform low altitude flights.

  • Q: Is it possible to adapt the Facade Scan to an inclined face?
    A: Yes, if you choose the trajectory type “Safe” facade route will follow ground elevation.

  • Q: Are we to assume that there is a building there and that building has a geometry similar to that flight pattern?
    A: Yes, the flight was performed around a building. Recorded telemetry data was used to create a safe route around the building not having a building on a map.

  • Q: Facade scan route can be combined with all other route creation tools in a single route. Q: What min. AGL for Facade Scan?
    A: The minimum recommended altitude is 5m AGL. Technically UgCS can create a route on any elevation. Low altitude flights are limited by drone ability to perform accurate flight on low altitude.

  • Q: Can we record real waypoints of the flying aircraft in order to recreate missions in the future?
    A: It is exactly what was done preparing for this webinar. The manual route was recorded, exported from the telemetry player, imported as KML into the mission planner.

  • Q: How did you define the route in the software. Was it by arrow or mouse control?
    A: Route is defined using the mouse.

  • Q: What is the determination of flying vertical and horizontal Facade scan?
    A: It depends on the shape of the facade. If that is narrow and tall, vertical would be more convenient, if that is wide, horizontal would be more battery efficient.

  • Q: So much I can understand you are using the drone like a surveying instrument. Is that true???
    A: Yes. Webinar target was to show how to create route not having building even on the map. For that was used telemetry record from manual flight imported into mission planner. Based on the manual flight, the facade scan route was created.

  • Q: It would be very useful to see a picture of the place, it would help to better understand what he is doing.
    A: Target was to show how to create a Facade scan route not even having building on the map.

  • Q: According to your experience do you think this tool can be useful also for the survey/scan of bridges?
    A: Yes, a facade scan can be used for bridge inspection. Route planning for the bridge would require additional are analysis, manual flights to verify GPS coverage. Also, manual flights with recorded telemetry can help better understand best flight trajectories for automated flight.

  • Q: Is the original manual flight data recorded on the tablet and then exported to PC?
    A: Flight data is recorded in UgCS desktop. We have in development plans telemetry recording on mobile devices, too.

  • Q: At the corner waypoints, is it possible to have the drone scan vertically towards the corner, to aid photogrammetry to combine the facades into a model?
    A: You can create shape of flight path according to your requirements. In single route can be combined all route creation tools.

  • Q: Understanding it's off-topic, but I would like to know if you plan to integrate with the Parrot Anafi, and what the timing would be.
    A: There are no plans to integrate Parrot Anafi.

  • Q: Is there any chance to have officially supported ugcs on ph4 pro v2+ (with android critalsky)?
    A: UgCS for DJI version 2.23 will have Mapbox as a map source, it will allow using application on DJI Crystal Sky and DJI Smart Controller without Google Play services.

  • Q: We need to purchase UgCS but prior to that we are waiting for the latest release, since there is no DJI X7 camera as payload on current version.

  • Q: We have RTK V2, where camera is not available in the UgCS. Will you please tell me when you will add it. Its V7 camera.
    A: DJI X7 camera profile will be added in UgCS 3.6 final version. You can add your own Payload profile into UgCS. Also, it is possible to modify all existing payload profiles according your payload setup (lens, image settings). https://wiki.ugcs.com/Payloads

  • Q: Did you just say UgCS supports Smart Controller?
    A: UgCS for DJI version 2.23 will have Mapbox as a map source, it will allow using application on DJI Crystal Sky and DJI Smart Controller without Google Play services.

  • Q: What the best way to do a facade scan when we have gps shadow zone. E.g. between two building towers.
    A: UgCS uploads route with GPS coordinates to drones autopilot. GPS is mandatory to fly with UgCS.


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