Webinar | The drone-integrated metal detection system with Geonics EM61Lite Metal detector

Integrated Systems
December 9, 2020

SPH Engineering announces the launch of a drone integrated metal detection system with a Geonics EM61Lite metal detector, a new product of UgCS Industrial Solutions.

The same performance and robustness available for users of the standard EM61-MK2 time domain metal detector are now available for airborne use - to find metallic objects in hard-to-reach or dangerous areas. The new system is capable of detecting metallic (magnetic and non-magnetic) items in the first few meters under the surface. It could be applied for many applications, including UXO search, detection of underground infrastructure, and archaeological needs. The integrated system has been extensively tested at SPH Engineering’s test range and has shown excellent performance and repeatability for targets such as pipes (steel, stainless steel, reinforced concrete) as well as steel drums.

What you will learn:

  • application scenarios
  • discussion of capabilities of the sensor
  • comparison with other types of sensors
  • demo: mission planning
  • demo: data processing


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