Webinar | SPH Engineering's Test Range for UAV-based geophysical sensors

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Integrated Systems
September 23, 2021

SPH Engineering is presenting a Test Range with utilities and other objects buried in known configurations and at known depths, and the Test Field has already been used to test a number of geophysical sensors integrated with drones powered by UgCS Integrated Systems.

UAV-mounted sensors present unique opportunities and efficiency gains for underground exploration, especially when surveying existing utilities and underground obstacles. Different sensors are already available but often their suitability for particular tasks cannot be evaluated easily, particularly when compared to other devices of different types and from various manufacturers.

The SPH's Test Range, located in Balozi, Latvia (EU), is available for training, sensor testing, and development of methodologies for airborne sensor use. Services of SPH's engineers, test pilots, and rental of drones are available on-site.


1. Description of the SPH's Test Range

2. Brief overview of data samples acquired with various sensors

3. Free vs. Paid usage offers.


Q: What is the depth of the metallic targets, please?

A: live answered

Q: Any evidence about the effect of "noisy" ground - ie the type where ground-based detectors require quite high "ground balancing" adjustment?

A: From our experience, the noise from airborne surveys is quite similar to that on-ground surveys.

Q: Is the Matrice 300 supported with your sensors?

A; live answered

Q: "Excellent presentation and initiative. is it possible to access the test data from the Mag sensors?

A: live answered

Q: On the airplane engine, what is max height of mag tool for good data?

A: live answered

Q: Thnx, can airborne sensors be "ground balanced" with high effectiveness to neutralize the effect of the noisy ground?

A: live answered

Q: Very interesting, it must have been lots of work, well done

Q: Is Magnetic Nuclear Resonance (MNR) carried by drone is possible?

A: live answered

Q: sensors(drone) needed for droneshow

A: live answered

Q: Have the sensors been tested on aircraft dropped ordnance (UXOs)?

A: live answered

Q: Can i get Intership or work with sph engineering

A: Yes, sure. Please send email to ugcs@ugcs.com or to support@ugcs.com

Q: How much of an effect does foliage or plant material have on sensors?

A: live answered

Q: What qualifications i would have if i want to work with you

A: live answered
Please send email to ugcs@ugcs.com or to support@ugcs.com

Q: Can airborne sensors give a good indication of how ferrous a target is?

A: live answered

Q: Can drone help in agriculture area
Here is some interesting info related to precision agriculture and the use of drones

A: Yes. Please contact our Sales team and they will help you. ugcs@ugcs.com & here is an example of agricultural application from one of clients https://www.ugcs.com/news-entry/ugcs-for-smart-agriculture-project-in-japan

Q: Is there a specific sensor that can survey/view through concrete or roads?

A: live answered

19 understood thanks

20 Yes, UXO detection

Q: Thank you for the presentation! Does the Skyhub give access to all flight data from DJI and other drones?

A: live answered

Q: To achieve the results you have shown, how far apart where the search rows/waypoints?

A: live answered

Q: I am late for this webinar. So can you share this video for attendees later?

A: Yes, video will be on YouTube.

Q: Whats the most ideal sensor to detect anti-personnel land mines

A: live answered

Q: Can the Magdrone R3 detect AP mines?

A: live answered

Q-reply: understood, very useful, thanks

Q: Thanks gentleman - good luck with the exciting test range and other developments. Much appreciated!