Webinar | LiDAR and drones: learning to use the powerful combo

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UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
January 21, 2019

Riga, Latvia - January 21, 2019 - Modus Ai and SPH Engineering invite you to a webinar about drone-based LiDAR mission planning and data collection

LiDAR is already familiar thanks to its application in self-driving cars, but it is also widely used in archaeology, forestry and agriculture, construction, mining and many other industries. This method uses light radars to map an area in 3D by beaming laser light and measuring the time it takes for objects to reflect that light.

One of LiDAR’s main advantages over photogrammetry — the traditional technique of mapping territory through photography — is its ability to “see” beyond tree canopy, debris and other constructions, as well as its accuracy in mapping smaller objects. Another great thing about LiDAR is that you don’t need a piloted aeroplane to get the best from it — flying LiDAR with drones is not only considerably cheaper but also much more efficient.

This webinar on LiDAR and drones will focus on the most essential topics for mission planning with UgCS: mission planning considering altitude and speed vs point density accuracy, considering altitude vs beam divergence, flight safety and other basics. It will also include demos on importing job files (KML format) and setting up the terrain-following mode etc.

The webinar will be conducted by Daniel Hubert of Modus Ai and Kristaps Brass of SPH Engineering. Daniel Hubert is a drone and information management expert with 24 years of experience under his belt. Currently, he consults companies and institutions about the business opportunities that using a drone and remote sensing technologies can bring into their existing work practices. Kristaps Brass is a QA Engineer and UgCS Expert who has flown all kinds of drones (from Pixhawk and DJI up to Yuneec) and worked on all versions of UgCS flight planning software.


About SPH Engineering / UgCS

SPH Engineering offers unmanned systems integration services and software development. UgCS is the world’s premier provider of mission planning software for all popular UAV platforms to plan and fly drone survey missions providing a toolset for safe and efficient UAV land surveying and industrial inspections, e.g. custom elevation data import, Photogrammetry and Geotagging tools, LIDAR, Magnetometer and GPR linear and aerial survey planning tools with terrain-following mode.

About MODUS Ai

Modus Ai specializes in commercial geospatial measurement business solutions using drones and mobile platforms. They are particularly known for Light Detection and Range (LiDAR) and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) integrated solutions. Modus Ai also owns LiDAR University, a learning portal to help individuals and companies understand LiDAR, complementary imagery integration and safety drone automation.