Webinar | Introduction to Multi-sensor data processing: photogrammetry, GPR and magnetic surveys

Integrated Systems
September 18, 2020

Introduction to Multi-sensor data processing - the fusion of the results of aerial photogrammetry, magnetic and GPR surveys

Geophysical instruments like GPR, magnetometers, EMI tools, and conductivity meters are very useful in the experienced hands, but as all sensors they have limitations.

For example, GPR may not detect objects covered by even a thin layer of wet clay. Magnetometer allows detecting metallic (magnetic) items but will miss any non-magnetic objects (including non-magnetic metal items), also using a magnetometer it is very hard to estimate the depth of detected anomalies. In some cases, when the survey task is formulated as "find all artificial objects in the area", plus if the composition of soils is unknown, it may be hard or impossible to select one sensor which will allow doing the work. So here multi-sensor surveys became more and more popular. 

During the webinar, it will be discussed how to do multi-sensor surveys and demonstrated a sample of workflow on how to merge photogrammetry, GPR, and magnetic data gathered during real surveys. 

During the webinar following software will be used for demonstration:

  • Radar Systems Prism2 and UgCS GeoHammer to process GPR data
  • Geosoft Oasis Montaj for magnetic data
  • QGIS for final visualization.


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