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Webinar I Skyward Synergy: Unleashing Drone Potential with Inspired Flight and SPH Engineering Solutions

Integrated Systems
August 30, 2023

This webinar is for drone professionals, especially those interested in operating USA-manufactured drones.

This webinar is meticulously crafted for professionals interested in operating USA-manufactured drones. It is an absolute must-attend session.The SPH Engineering team, along with our esteemed partners Adam Bilmes from Inspired Flight and Steve Akins from Drone Arrival, will vividly demonstrate how the capabilities of drones can undergo remarkable expansion by integrating our sensors. These sensors are built upon the unique technology developed by SPH Engineering.Throughout the webinar, we will delve into the specifics of drone models, explore the range of sensors at your disposal and their diverse applications, and showcase real-world projects that effectively harness the innovative solutions offered by SPH Engineering and the exceptional drones developed by Inspired Flight.


1. Inspired Flight IF1200A: Industrial-grade US-made drone platform (Adam Bilmes, Inspired Flight, 15 mins)

2. Extend your drone capabilities with advanced sensors (Alexey Smirnov, SPH, 15 mins)

3. How to elevate all capabilities of IF1200A and SPH Engineering sensors in your next project (Steve Akins, Drone Arrival, 15 mins)

4. Q&A