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Webinar I Exploring Depths from Above: Unleashing the Potential of Drone-Based Bathymetry

Integrated Systems
August 17, 2023

Embark on a journey to witness how drones reshape efficiency, safety, and accuracy in construction, mining, ecology, and other industries through the innovative solutions of SPH Engineering.

Discover the benefits of drone-based bathymetry and how it can save your time and efforts

Understand the end-to-end workflow of getting precise hydrography models, starting with mission planning and LiDAR surveying for precisely defining riverbanks and ending with the creation of intricate models using Hydromagic, a solution that pioneers innovation and precision in addressing real-world challenges.

Discover other advanced drone applications with SPH Engineering's sensors.


- Brief overview and introduce the speakers.

- Presents SPH Engineering on the technical aspects of the system and software and some broad use case applications.

- Presents further with regard to the product and system and how it relates to the local environment and use case applications.

- Working Drones Australia. Presents on a local test case.

- Q&A