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Webinar I Drone-Based GPR Solutions for Construction

Integrated Systems
August 10, 2023

Welcome to our webinar on 'Drone-Based GPR Solutions for Construction.' This session is crucial for anyone in the construction industry or interested in airborne GPR technology. Drones are transforming construction, offering efficiency, safety, and accuracy.

We'll explore drone-based GPR sensors, challenges, and opportunities. Our guest speakers, Jonathan from JB Unmanned, will share a GPR use case for road construction, followed by Jan Francke, who will talk about GPR data analytics and integration into engineering workflows. Whether you're a construction professional, a tech enthusiast, or a decision-maker, this webinar will provide valuable insights into this game-changing technology. Join us as we delve into the future of construction.


- Welcome and introduction to the webinar's agenda, subject matter, and presenters
- Overview of GPR for construction solutions portfolio (drone technology and sensor equipment)
- Training, flight preparation, and introduction to TTF kit for facilitating low-altitude flights
- Case study on the application of GPR in road construction (JBUAS)
- GPR data processing and visualization and integration in construction workflows (Geolitix)
- Q&A

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