Webinar | From Sky to Mine: Enhancing Mineral Exploration with Drone Technology

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Integrated Systems
February 23, 2023

We're thrilled to bring you an engaging webinar that explores the practical applications of drone technology in mineral exploration. You hear firsthand about experiences in the field and discover how cutting-edge tools are making exploration faster, safer, and more accurate than ever before! Our speakers shared their experiences and talked about advanced technology such as ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and magnetometry surveying.

During this webinar, our partners and customers shared their experiences in mineral exploration supported by drones and airborne sensors. Jorge Negrette, COO of Geodia Industries, highlighted the capabilities of ground-penetrating radar for lithological characterization and subsurface deposit surveying.Trevor Grace, Director at AeroPhysx, described Aerophysx’s approach to airborne magnetometry and how it can be used for increasing exploration efficiency.


Trevor Grace


Trevor Grace has been involved with exploration, mostly airborne, in South Africa for 39 years;having been at the forefront of major milestones during this time. He was a founding member of Geo Mapping Services in 1973 and a founding member of GeoDass in 1976, the first digital processing unit in South Africa. He was also a founding member of Geoseis in 1989, the first South African owned vibroseis operator. He was a founding member of Southern Exploration Surveys which partnered with the Council for Geoscience until 2011 for flying the national program for geophysical coverage. Trevor has personally processed in excess of 9,000,000 km of airborne geophysical data. He has managed and controlled operations worldwide for more than 30 years. He performs QC control of projects and is a specialist data processor for all types of geophysical data. Trevor is responsible for the vast majority of published airborne data available in SA today, either by flying and processing or processing alone.

Jorge I. Negrette N.

Geodia Industries

Expert in GPR Drone Platform Systems for advanced geophysics studies in mineral exploration including geological and structural modelling and characterization as well as stratigraphic horizons, geotechnical studies, hydrology, humidity analysis, bathymetry, allocation and diagnostics of cavities, underground workings and tunnels.