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Webinar | Drone-based Methane (CH4) monitoring with UgCS

Integrated Systems
June 3, 2020

SPH Engineering introduces next-generation #methane (#CH4) detection solution for DJI M210/M600/M300 #drones.

The webinar demonstrates:

- Main components of the #drone-based solution
- Survey mission planning with #UgCS for methane detection (linear and areal).


  • Q: Are the sensors specific or is there a product that can detect multiple gases etc?
    A: This current model - the PERGAMS Falcon, is Methane specific sensor. But the system is open for diverse sensor integration.
    Please send a message to ugcs@ugcs.com with the sensors you would like to integrate with a drone and we will get back to you!

  • Q: Your value is ppm, but doesn’t the laser falcon provide ppm*m?
    A: Laser Falcon output data contains PPM per Meter. In the user interface currently measurement unit is PPM, we will update it to PPM/m.

  • Q: The Matrice 600 has a 99 waypoint max. Does the 210 v2 has the same limitation. Surveying 1000 acre landfill is very time consuming with the 99 waypoint.
    A: DJI Matrice 210 series drones has 99 waypoint limit for one route. If you need to fly a larger route, UgCS will upload the route by parts. First uploading 99 waypoints, once the part of the route is complete, you can upload the next part of the route while the drone is still in the air with simple route continuation functionality.
    Route continuation functionality is explained in this webinar: https://youtu.be/i7WBWHEkq-0

  • Q: The tool that links the sensor with the ground station on UgCS is developed on the basic version of UgCS or is only available on a special version?
    A: Laser Falcon communicates with standard UgCS version using onboard computer SkyHub installed on the drone. For video feed, UgCS Enterprise version is required. Custom payload monitor software is included in the standard kit which contains Laser Falcon, SkyHub, UgCS Enterprise (or UgCS Pro if video feed is not required), and Custom payload monitor software.

  • Q: When would this be ready to sell?
    A: Laser Falcon kit with SkyHub is available already now. Lead time for delivery is around 8 - 9 weeks, mostly depending on Laser Falcon delivery.

  • Q: Do you have a dealer in Latin America? If you are interested and do not have a dealer, you can contact us at contacto@aeroinfor.com
    A: Here on ugcs.com/resellers the full list of our Partners is published! Please send a message to ugcs@ugcs.com with your request and we will get back to you!

  • Q: Do you require the terrain following kit with the methane sensor to follow a specific AGL?
    A: The terrain-following kit is not mandatory for methane sensors, as flights usually need to be performed on 30m AGL altitude, which can be done based on barometer/GPS data, but as additional safety measure altimeter sensor can be installed.

  • Q: Impressive work, Aleksey! A couple of questions: 1. Is there any influence of the air turbulence from rotors on the methane readings? 2. Who/what confirmation of the metrology of the measurements did you obtain so far? I am in the USA, so I need some metrology (and methodology) clearance for us to go.
    A: I have flown many missions with the LMC mounted on a 600. On the second pass, I will almost always notice a reduction in concentration. I fly at approx. 15-20m AGL. The dynamics of the leak play a huge role. If it is a continuous leak producing a large enough flow it will replenish the plumb on the nest pass.

  • Q: I already own an LMC, can I just purchase the UGCS conversion and software? Can I use the UGCS on either the M600 series or the M200 series?
    A: If you already own the sensor, you can purchase only SkyHub, mounting kit for your drone and UgCS software.

  • Q: Is the mounting mechanism similar for M600 Pro and M210, and is the mounting included in any version of the kit?
    A: Mounting mechanism for M600 is different than for M210 series, we include the necessary mounting mechanism in the kit.

  • Q: How can I get info on your GPR module?
    A: Initial information is published on industrial.ugcs.com - we will get back to you after the webinar to talk in more detail and provide more detailed information.

  • Q: If I already have a Skyhub would it be as simple as a software update to gain Falcon compatibility?
    A: You can use your SkyHub with the latest firmware update. There might be necessary adaptation for SkyHub to have a connection interface with Laser Falcon. Our industrial team will support you with the device connection.

  • Q: What maps can be imported. Can a mapping flight from M210 rtk be imported into UGCS?
    A: UgCS support Georeferenced tiles (GeoTiff) as well as 3rd party online WMS data. You can also create your own maps using your drone and UgCS Mapper.
     - Instructions on WMS sources: https://wiki.ugcs.com
     - Instructions on UgCS Mapper usage: https://wiki.ugcs.com

  • Q: How is the gps calculated if the sensor is not aligned nadir during a flight?
    A: GPS data is collected from drone telemetry data.

  • Q: Can you plan a survey route in ArcGIS (or AutoCAD) then import it into UgCS?
    A: UgCS supports route import from KML and CSV files.
    CSV specification is available on this site: https://wiki.ugcs.com
    For KML are supported 'LineString' segments which will be imported as a simple waypoint route, and 'LinearRing' segments that can be imported as 'Area scan','Photogrammetry' or 'Perimeter' routes: https://wiki.ugcs.com

  • Q: Is customer service for this system available by phone or only by email?
    A: Support for industrial products is available by email or phone as well via online assistance tools when that is necessary.

  • Q: Assuming no unlock is needed when using UgCS is any communication provided to DJI?
    A: UgCS for DJI application is built using DJI Mobile SDK.