UgCS Used for Drone-Based LiDAR Survey at Martinique

UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
May 24, 2022

TOPODRONE, the partner of SPH Engineering, supports a client from MaTopo company, Martinique, to perform a drone-based survey project of power lines. The company has provided an advanced training workshop which included the whole workflow of UAV-based LiDAR surveying. Flight missions were planned in UgCS.

Located in the Caribbean Sea, the Martinique island has a rugged mountainous terrain due to the recent volcanic activity and is overgrown with dense tropical forests. So the use of conventional survey techniques with RTK & total stations as well as drone photogrammetry are not feasible in such area. Only drone based LiDAR allows to perform mapping and to get terrain level under deep canopies in a fast way saving hours and days of manpower.

Recently made survey project for Power line LIDAR survey by MaTopo company after passing the training by TOPODRONE © TOPODRONE
‘Planning LIDAR survey mission is a critical task, especially if you fly with expensive equipment in mountainous and forested areas. TOPODRONE company have been looking for reliable mission planning software for a long time,’ Maxim Bakhlykov, TOPODRONE CEO, explains. ‘After performing a number of challenging projects in hard-to-reach areas, with no Internet or mobile connection, we can confidently state that UgCS was the right choice: UgCS Expert license provides all range of advanced LiDAR mission planning tools as well as terrain following mode’.

TOPODRONE offers clients innovative drone based survey grade LIDAR systems which provide high accurate, low noise, dense point cloud.

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