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UgCS Telemetry Sync Tool for DroneLogbook.com

UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
February 5, 2019

SPH Engineering has developed the Telemetry Sync Tool that enable the synchronisation of UgCS telemetry data with DroneLogbook.com. The synchronisation allows drone operators to log flights, manage maintenance logs, generate custom checklists and reports.

Download Telemetry Sync Tool from GitHub

Using DroneLogbook it is also possible to prepare flight missions by checking the status of controlled airspace and generate reports, e.g. compliance reports required by aviation authorities such as FAA, CAA, CASA, CAD, custom operations reports based on flight data.

The Telemetry Sync Tool utility can be useful for both – independent drone operators as well as enterprises operating with a fleet of drones and multiple operators. All flight data can be stored in a single place even when multiple laptops are used for flights.