UgCS for Smart Agriculture Project in Japan

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UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
August 10, 2021

August 10, 2021 - Riga, Latvia - Drone Aid, a partner of SPH Engineering in Japan, is a member of Nagasaki Nagawa Production Consortium entrusted with Japan's smart agriculture project from NARO (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization). Since 2020 the company has been involved in two-year smart agriculture project to increase loquat productivity. The main goal is to perform spraying with an UAV.

Agriculture Spray Autopilot for Terraced Fields is the main challenge in the NARO project. Agriculture spraying with a drone is typically used in a flat rice field with a manual operation. However, it is very difficult to spray with a drone by a manual operation for terrace fields. Spraying Autopilot is preferable.

‘A flight plan that deals with not only the ground surface but also the height of trees is required. We create a flight route easily by performing simple photogrammetry. After putting some flight software to the test, we have opted for UgCS. It is important to provide a system that is easy for local operators to use’, Yasuhiko YOSHIDA, CEO of Drone AID / Task, explains. ‘Other fruits like oranges are also cultivated in terraced fields. However, spraying is still done manually. With the success of this loquat project, Agriculture Spray Autopilot for Terraced Fields with UgCS could be spread, we want to help Japanese agriculture’.

Missions for a drone by Drone Aid include Agriculture Spray Autopilot for Terraced fields and Fruits Transportation by Autopilot.


About Drone Aid

Drone Aid is a member of Nagasaki Biwa Production Consortium together with Nagasaki Agricultural and Forestry Technical Develop Center and Tokushima University. Associated companies include SPH Engineering (UgCS mission planning and flight control software), AAA (Drone Engineering), Task (Drone Engineering).

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About SPH Engineering

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