UgCS Command & Control demo at AUVSI Xponential

UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
April 26, 2019

The demo will focus on video stream and drone control features that are especially useful for the police and emergency services, including search and rescue operations and first responders.

The UgCS Command & Control solution is based on the drone mission planning software UgCS, created by SPH Engineering. In addition to all the basic mission planning and control features of UgCS, it also allows users to stream a live video feed from a drone to a command or operational centre, thus facilitating fast and efficient decision making on the deployment of rescue forces, information-gathering missions, etc. This makes the UgCS Command & Control solution particularly useful when responding to disasters, for search and rescue operations, and security monitoring.

Besides live video that can be streamed from several drones to command centre simultaneously, additional features of the UgCS Command & Control Team Edition include: an operation coordinator workstation with entire-scene view on a 3D map; flight planning with specialized search patterns and task distribution between pilots; ability for a drone pilot to mark a point of interest during the flight and synchronize it with the operation coordinator’s computer; video streaming from the pilot’s tablet-PC to the operation coordinator’s computer; rapid map stitching.

Powerful and flexible

All features are fully supported to work offline, making the software suitable for even the most remote areas or when communications have been disrupted, for example, due to a disaster situation.

SPH Engineering’s team will be demonstrating the use of UgCS Command & Control’s key features in Chicago at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2019, the largest trade show for unmanned and autonomous systems in the world, from April 29 – May 2. The demo presentation can also be requested online at


About SPH Engineering

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