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UgCS and UgCS for DJI (Android) Updates Released: New tools for LIDAR surveying

UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
July 22, 2021

Riga, Latvia - July 22, 2021 – SPH Engineering, a multiproduct drone software company, and UAV integration services provider, announces release of UgCS v4.4 and UgCS for DJI (Android) v2.30 supporting LIDAR surveying.

What's new in UgCS and UgCS for DJI

UgCS v.4.4

New tools for LIDAR surveying for UgCS ENTERPRISE license owners
(currently, supported for DJI M300, M600, M210/200 drones)

  • “Lidar area” and “Lidar corridor” tools, although look similar to “Photogrammetry” and “Corridor”, provide additional functionality unlocking the full potential of LIDAR surveying:
  1. loops on the turn, reducing shaking of the sensor;
  2. area buffer, improving coverage on area borders;
  3. an ability to specify side distance manually, or calculate it in UgCS based on the camera FOV and LIDAR’s FOV;
  4. the “Corner Radius” parameter;
  5. visualization of curve lines of the flight path.
  • The new command “Pattern” simplifies LIDAR calibration. It can be executed before/after executing a mission and at any time in the middle. UgCS supports the two most popular IMU calibration patterns: U-figure and Eight. You can change pattern size, altitude, and flight speed if required.
    Note: The “Pattern” command and the “Corner Radius” parameter require UgCS for DJI 2.30 or newer.

To use the LIDAR toolset - create a new route for DJI M600, M300 or M210/M200.

More new features

  • The ability to control Parrot ANAFI with a joystick


  • The calculation algorithm of Photogrammetry and Area Scan segments has been redesigned to avoid flying out of the polygon boundary.
    Important! If you update UgCS from a previous version, check your missions thoroughly for any changes!
  • The flight path on overshoots has changed. From now on, decreasing the ground elevation on overshoots does not change the flight path above this area.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Toolbar icons updated.
  • For all DJI vehicle profiles, the "Min distance between waypoints" parameter has been increased to 1 meter.


  • The error ‘Could not parse the KML file’ occurred when importing a KML file with multiple layers.

Download the latest UgCS version »»»

UgCS for DJI v.2.30

New Tools & Features

  • Support for LIDAR features introduced in UgCS 4.4:
    Note: these features work only in pair with UgCS.
  • The ability to provide “Corner radius” parameter for a route segment (for segments that don't have the “Corner Radius” parameter, the “Max corner radius” parameter of the mobile app settings is used).
  • Pattern command with U-figure and Eight patterns for LIDAR calibration.
  • The beacon on/off button is now available for DJI M300.


  • If a drone, supported by the DJI Mobile SDK, does not support waypoint mission API, the corresponding commands (“upload”, “auto”, “click&go”, “hold”) are not displayed in UgCS.


  • For DJI M300:
  1. Unable to continue a paused mission.
  2. 'Unknown' error occured when the "Pause" button is pressed two times during flying to the same waypoint.
  3. In some cases, the DJI M300 did a curved flight (instead of straight) between the first and second waypoints of the route.
  4. Unable to continue a mission after “Click & Go" command.
  • For DJI M600, the remaining battery power displayed in the UgCS is fluctuating.
  • The warning "Camera attitude roll/yaw actions are not supported" is not displayed anymore, if all angles provided by the user in the “Camera attitude” action are supported by the drone.
  • When MapBox map is used, and the “Maximum flight distance” restriction is enabled in the app settings, the allowed area is filled by red color instead of green.

Download the latest UgCS for DJI version »»»