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UgCS and UgCS for DJI (Android) Updates Released

UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
January 20, 2022

Riga, Latvia - January 20, 2022 – SPH Engineering, a multiproduct drone software company, and UAV integration services provider, announces release of UgCS v.4.6 and UgCS for DJI (Android) v.2.34.

What's new:


New Tools & Features

  • When an aircraft goes offline, it is now still displayed on the map until UgCS is restarted. Hovering the mouse over the aircraft will display the last known latitude and longitude.
  • A new "Pattern" tool has been introduced. It allows creating a figure-eight LiDAR calibration pattern that can be used within the flight plan. It should be used before each LiDAR area (or LiDAR corridor) segment.


  • DJI Matrice 300 RTK now performs the "Circle" segment much smoother. 
  • "Turn type" parameter has been removed from the "Circle" tool.
  • In the compact telemetry card, the ground speed is now displayed instead of the vertical speed.
  • A part of the activated license code is now visible in the "License" window.
  • "Facade scan" tool has been renamed to "Vertical scan" tool.
  • In the "Pattern" command parameters window, the "Height" parameter has been renamed to "Length".


  • Log4J vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 has been fixed.
  • The error message that is displayed to the user when they try to upload non-georeferenced images as a map layer has been made more understandable.

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UgCS for DJI


  • DJI Matrice 300 RTK now performs the Circle segment much smoother. 
  • The app now displays the progress of uploading a route to UgCS SkyHub.
  • Added an option to switch between different logging levels (Info / Debug).


  • Fixed the issue when in some rare cases, the app crashed while uploading a route to UgCS SkyHub.
  • Improvements in overall app stability.

Download the latest UgCS for DJI version »»»