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The success story of Diffuse team - the winner of the Drone Show Competition 2022

Drone Show Technologies
February 2, 2023

We present to your attention an interview with Vincent Bauer, Co-founder & Creative Director of Diffuse (France) - drone light show company for creation and implementation. We first met Vincent in 2021 when he took part in the 2nd International Drone Show Competition as an independent drone show choreographer.

In 2021, Vincent did not win in the nomination for the best animation, but his work was highly appreciated by the jury and Vincent was awarded a special prize for the conceptual 3D Animation.

Vincent presented a synchronized show on the soundtrack "Christmas Spirit" and went back to the essence of Christmas before it became a popular celebration, from the expectation of the miracle to the message of peace and love. This show required more than 70 hours of work from the creation of the soundtrack to the final rendering.

In 2022, Vincent took part in the 3rd International Drone Show Competition, not as an individual, but as a representative of the whole team - Diffuse. In 2022, the work of Diffuse and a music composer Titouan Malivoir took the main prize in the nomination for best animation.

We (Drone Show Software team) decided to talk to Vincent and find out what it's like to achieve such amazing results in the drone show industry in a year, stay motivated and improve the level of professionalism.

DSS team: How did you find out about the drone show industry and what was your first contact with it?

Vincent: Coming as we do from the pyrotechnics world, we've been closely following the rise of the drone show industry, especially with the videos of the shows Intel has been doing for the past few years and then all the shows playing out in Asia and elsewhere in the world. Our first contact was in our respective ancient companies, all of which had plans to acquire a fleet of lighted drones in order to respond to the health crisis.

DSS team: What is the most attractive thing about your work for you? What do you get the most motivation from?

Vincent: Our common goal is to push the limits of the imagination! With this philosophy, we get a lot of satisfaction from creating and imagining new things with this great tool that is drone shows. The creative possibilities are multiplied tenfold, and technological progress allows us to envisage an even greater increase in technical-artistic possibilities.

DSS team: Tell us about your progress in 2022?

Vincent: The year 2022 was a year of decision making and above all of change, as all three of us* left our positions in our ancient fireworks companies. So we worked and imagined the company we dreamed of creating and bringing to life beyond our shows.
*Diffuse team: Léo Dolignon - Co-founder / Operation Director, Pierre Jost - Co-founder / Sales Manager, Vincent Bauer - Co-founder / Creative Director.

DSS team: What did you get from participating in the Drone Show Competition, twice?

Vincent: Participating in international competitions and competing against the best in the business has been part of our philosophy for many years. We want to present our vision of this type of show by mixing several aspects inherent to the world of show business and that we have acquired during our previous experiences. The fact that we have been able to win prizes in two editions of the competition is very flattering and enhances the way we think and imagine our future shows.

2022 winning animation idea: each animal in the depths deploys a spirit that lights up to represent the reflection of the sun on the water. The objective of the show is to propose to the spectators to plunge into the depths of the oceans, in search of the surface to find the light.

DSS team: What type of drone show do you think is the most promising and why?

Vincent: We believe that each type of show finds its customer and therefore ultimately its audience. It all depends on the client's wishes at the start of the project. For our part, we prefer to work on shows with high added value, allowing us to push the limits of the imagination with original and new choreographies.

DSS team: Tell us about your plans, if possible? Are you looking for partners or new team members?

Vincent: Our company's aim is to design and produce customized air shows, first in France and then abroad. We have surrounded ourselves with trusted partners and regularly exchange with them. We can therefore respond to any request made by a potential client and imagine new types of shows. Based on our first experience of the summer season, we will consider expanding our permanent team to increase our show production capacity.

DSS team: And finally, what would you wish for the drone show community in the new year?

Vincent: We wish the drone show community the best of luck and hope that the new year will bring new projects that will allow everyone to express themselves and grow their business.

More about the team: diffuse-show.fr