Testing Counter-drone system using UgCS Commander

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UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
October 7, 2020

UgCS Commander is a simple but powerful tool to manage multiple UAV missions in parallel. It works as an alternative client of ground control software UgCS and supports all popular drones from DJI and systems based on Ardupilot or Px4. UgCS Commander can be used to test (ethically hack) a counter-drone system.

Any counter-drone system should be tested in a realistic scenario, and every installation should be regularly checked during drills.

Of course, if a counter-UAV system is supposed to intercept a single consumer-grade drone managed by a guy who doesn't know where it is legal to fly, the story is simple. To eliminate such intrusion - use a comparable drone against it manually and that’s all.

But latest lessons from locations like the US-Mexico border, and other "hot actions" places demonstrated how easily mass intrusion of drones can be organized. In order to imitate multi drone attacks, UgCS Commander comes to the scene.

UgCS Commander manages the synchronized flight of multiple drones of different drone makers (DJI and non-DJI), multirotors, helis and fixed-wings, with any individual routes from any directions, performing any pre-planned manoeuvres.


The following industries may benefit using UgCS Commander:

  • Perimeter security
    Testing Anti-drone systems protecting airports, industrial objects by sending drones in parallel from different directions towards the protected object
  • Agriculture
    Spraying crops in parallel by multiple drones
  • Mapping
    Making aerial photography (e.g. photogrammetry) of territory divided in parts

How it works?

The operator plans multiple drone trajectories - routes - with UgCS. In UgCS Commander pilot assigns routes for drones, uploads simultaneously, and then starts the mission (one mission = multiple routes) with a single button. The start commands all drones to be set to automatic mode and takeoff.

UgCS Commander shows telemetry from all drones in a convenient dashboard. In parallel individual trajectories can be controlled in UgCS flight planning software. UgCS Commander enables the drone pilot to set the mission on hold and return drones back home.

For more information please send a message to ugcs@ugcs.com