sUAS News | SPH Engineering’s UgCS SkyHub hardware and the LightWare SF30/D

SPH Engineering
April 22, 2022

SPH Engineering is a globally recognized provider of UgCS – UAV mission planning and flight control software solution.

This constantly evolving software is used by drone pilots and professional surveyors worldwide – particularly in the areas of environmental, archeological, engineering, mining, agricultural and biological surveys. In fact, one aspect – UgCS educational program – aims to support universities with a safe and efficient tool to test innovative ideas around surveying and inspections using drones.

Another technology from SPH Engineering, Drone Show Software, is used to manage and coordinate the flight of dozens or even hundreds of drones. A recent example of Drone Show Software in use was the drone show at the US Super Bowl 2022.

UgCS Integrated Systems, one more business line of SPH Engineering, enables the advanced technological integration between a drone, various sensors, the UgCS SkyHub hardware, and the UgCS software. The company has developed integrated systems for their clients, some of which use nonstandard sensors like ground penetrating radars, magnetometers, metal detectors, gas detectors as opposed to more traditional LiDAR, or camera.

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