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Starting a drone show career in 90 days

Drone Show Technologies
December 12, 2018

Riga, Latvia - December 12, 2018 - With its accessible pricing and hands-on customized training, Drone Show Software is the top choice for kickstarting a drone show business.

South Korea and its neighboring countries have just become one drone show provider richer — Pablo Air, UAV specialized company, have completed their training program with SPH Engineering, and performed their first 20-drone show.

“With drone shows becoming even more and more versatile and exponentially popular all around the world, we decided to try our hand too. Drones bring completely new opportunities to our business and to the entertainment industry in general,” says Youngjoon Kim, CEO of Pablo Air. The company currently owns around 50 drones and is expanding its fleet rapidly. Pablo Air specialises in drone engineering and decided to enter the drone show business in order to diversify its services.

Drone Show Software by SPH Engineering, the world’s only widely available software for drone shows, provides a hands-on training course, so it was Pablo Air’s choice for launching their drone show service. Drone Show Software training is known for its high level of customisation based on trainees’ business specifics. Drone shows in the mountains or in a desert, drone shows with fireworks or smoke bombs — the customer’s aims are at the core of the five-day training programme that is included with the software. Doing the training programme also gives you a great excuse to visit, Latvia’s capital. “With SPH Engineering, we got from the idea to our first drone show in 90 days,” says Youngjoon Kim.

The training focuses not only on the use of Drone Show Software, but also on everything else you need to create spectacular drone shows: the setup of drone hardware and firmware, transferring 3D animation to drone flight paths, and management of the final performance. The training is an integral part of the programme and is mandatory, as SPH Engineering puts the viewer and drone pilot safety first.

Want to sign up for Drone Show Software’s training programme - email us at ugcs@ugcs.com.


About SPH Engineering / DroneShowSoftware

Drone Show Software allows anyone with drones, ambition and a choreographer to create mind-blowing drone shows. As well as the excitement and novelty, the benefits of drone shows include easy scalability and integrability with other show elements. SPH Engineering is based in Riga, Latvia, and provides software, training and know-how to companies wanting to get involved with the entertainment industry’s latest sensation and offers unmanned systems integration services: building, acquiring and consulting on the selection of airframes, autopilots, payloads for a particular application and performing proof of concept projects and software development.

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Pablo Air: www.PabloAir.com