SPH Engineering’s Resellers offer new opportunities for LIDAR surveys with UgCS

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SPH Engineering
September 9, 2021

Riga, Latvia - September 9, 2021 - SPH Engineering’s global resellers network offers new opportunities for LiDAR experts surveying with UgCS as they have become exclusive suppliers of UgCS EXPERT.

SPH Engineering introduced the UgCS LiDAR toolset in July this year, offering it within the UgCS ENTERPRISE license, which also includes the geotagged video streaming feature. In response to high demand from LiDAR surveyors for a dedicated license, SPH Engineering introduces UgCS EXPERT. This new license is designed for survey experts who use more advanced sensors; it is available exclusively from the official UgCS Resellers and gives survey experts more flexibility in pricing.

UgCS EXPERT combines UgCS PRO features plus the UgCS LiDAR toolset, unlocking the full potential of LiDAR surveys through present flight patterns, automatic calibration, turns, constant line spacing, and buffer. The UgCS LiDAR toolset is currently supported for DJI M300, DJI M600 with integrated cameras, and DJI Matrice 200/210 series. For the full list of drones and autopilots supported by UgCS drone mission planning and flight control software please visit the UgCS website.

Discover the UgCS LiDAR toolset's functionality in detail »»»

UgCS EXPERT is available only as a perpetual license - one-time purchase exclusively through SPH Engineering’s global resellers network. To get the offer for UgCS EXPERT, get in touch with your local UgCS reseller »»»