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SPH Engineering’s global reseller network update Q4, 2021

SPH Engineering
January 5, 2022

2021 marked a robust increase in SPH Engineering’s sales, particularly of UgCS Integrated Systems and Drone Show Software product lines. This became possible thanks to the development of the company’s global reseller network reaching out to over 200 resellers in 61 countries.

SPH Engineering’s global reseller network has been developed since 2014. In addition to the traditional sales of the UgCS (ugcs.com) software licenses, in 2021 SPH Engineering’s resellers demonstrated a proactive approach towards promoting UgCS Integrated Systems (integrated.ugcs.com) and ATLAS (atlas.ugcs.com) globally. A few resellers of Drone Show Software (droneshowsoftware.com) appeared in North & Latin America as well as Europe.

After introducing the UgCS LiDAR toolset in July 2021, SPH Engineering developed available exclusively from the official resellers UgCS EXPERT, a dedicated license for survey experts who use more advanced sensors; it is and gives survey experts more flexibility in pricing. It combines UgCS PRO features plus the UgCS LiDAR toolset.

Thanks to resellers SPH Engineering maintains commitment to UAV (or drone) professionals (or pilots) to ensure availability of products and solutions in local markets including language support and training courses in Europe, North and Latin America, Africa, APEC, and APAC regions.

In Q4 2021 the reseller network was enriched with:





Israel :




United Arab Emirates:

United States:


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