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SPH Engineering’s global reseller network update Q1, 2021

SPH Engineering
April 5, 2021

SPH Engineering’s software has become more accessible all over the world thanks to the growing company’s global network of about 180 resellers in 51 countries. SPH Engineering aims at having its software business more weighed in distribution and welcomes on board 8 new resellers that joined the network in Q1, 2021.

SPH Engineering is pleased to be aligning itself with partners in Africa, APEC and APAC regions, Europe, North, and Latin America. Some resellers sell UgCS software licenses, UgCS Integrated Systems, Drone Show Software, and the newest product of the company - ATLAS. It is the company’s commitment to UAV (or drone) professionals (or pilots) via resellers to ensure the availability of products and solutions in local markets including language support and training courses.

The reseller network is enriched with:




United Arab Emirates:

United States:

SPH Engineering is open to discussion and continuous support of its partners. During the SPH Engineering Global Resellers online conference in February 2021, resellers were asked to vote if a closed LinkedIn group would be useful. Almost all participants answered "Yes!" Thus, the group only for SPH Engineering's approved resellers was launched. The aim of the group is to share news, exchange reseller ship practices, and make the reseller ship community united and, thus, more productive.

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