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SPH Engineering, the expert in drone technology development, announces the release of UgCS 4.18

UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
September 11, 2023

We at SPH Engineering are glad to announce the latest UgCS update - version 4.18!

This release brings some long-awaited new features and improvements to boost your drone missions. Now you can control LiDAR with your Ardupilot and PX4 vehicles*. Moreover, we've expanded the capabilities of the M-Series drones.

What's New:

LiDAR Tools for Ardu and PX4 Vehicles*

  • LiDAR flight planning using FOV angle is now possible for Ardupilot and PX4 vehicles
  • LiDAR Area, LiDAR Corridor, and Pattern tools have been unlocked for these drones
  • Current support of LiDAR tools for Ardu and PX4 is experimental. Adjustable corner radius and loop turns are not available.
  • For smoother cornering on Ardupilot, users should use Spline turn type, and "Waypoint acceptance radius" parameter within drone profile can be increased (e.g., from 2 to 5 m)

Point-of-Interest (POI) for DJI M-Series Drones

  • POI action is now available for drones using direct Pilot 2 connection (or route export to Pilot 2)
  • POI action is now available in all route planning tools for these drones
  • POI action is automatically added in Circle tool when planning routes for these drones


  • In the route properties it was not possible to select some failsafe actions.
  • Fixed a bug causing the application to freeze in some rare cases.
  • Application icon not displaying in the application list.
  • Fixed an issue where UgCS added extra waypoints between waypoints with altitude mode Rangefinder.
  • Improvements in overall application stability.


  • Outdated vehicle and payload profiles have been removed.
  • Support for Mikrokopter and Micropilot has been discontinued.
  • For DJI drones wait action is now limited to 25.5 seconds according to DJI recommendations. Previously, it was possible to use a larger value, but in fact, DJI drones continued the mission after 22.5 seconds of waiting.
  • DJI M30T and M3T camera profiles have been updated.
  • Improvements in Korean translation.
  • Added a redesigned "Start Trial" / "License activation" window.

* LiDAR tools are available only in EXPERT and ENTERPRISE licenses.

Thank you for choosing UgCS for your drone missions!