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SPH Engineering, the expert in drone technology development, announces the release of UgCS 4.17

UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
July 4, 2023

We at SPH Engineering are glad to announce the release of UgCS 4.17. As the main highlight of this release - we’re proud to announce a new terrain following mode - Smart AGL! The new release is packed with new and exciting features, among them - support for the newly released DJI M350 drone.

What’s new:

Added the new terrain following mode - 'Smart AGL'

  • 'Smart AGL' altitude mode allows the drone to keep a constant distance to the nearest surface on the flight line (instead of vertical distance to the ground like in regular AGL mode), making flights over terrain safer. It can be used for scanning cliffs, for LiDAR missions over steep hills or slopes and even for flying over open pit mines.
  • 'Smart AGL' is set as the default option under the 'Altitude mode' parameter in all flight planning tools.
  • 'Smart AGL' also changes the behavior of flight paths in survey side movement segments and overshoots - terrain following is now utilized in these parts of the route as well.

Added Support for DJI M350

  • DJI M350 profile is now available for route planning.
  • Added ability to export routes to DJI Pilot 2 (.KMZ).
  • DJI M350 can now be directly connected to UgCS from DJI Pilot 2.

Adjustable corner radius

  • A new 'Corner radius' parameter has been added to the route parameters. The default value is set to 20.
  • The 'Corner radius' parameter has been added to Waypoint segments and can now be adjusted individually per each waypoint.
  • 'Adaptive Bank Turn' segments now visually display the flight path, taking into account corner radius.


  • Routes for M300 now resume at the correct altitude in DJI Pilot 2.
  • DJI Pilot 2 now correctly displays the remaining time for routes made in UgCS.
  • PX4 VSM no longer crashes when multiple PX4 drones are connected and one of them is reset.
  • KML files imported in UgCS as 2D Objects now display correctly when located above ground.
  • Copied vehicle profiles can now be deleted.
  • Improvements in overall application stability.


  • Camera shots are now paused during automatic LiDAR IMU calibration segments in LiDAR Area and LiDAR Corridor.
  • Maximum speed in DJI drone profiles has been decreased from 17 to 15 m/s.

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