SPH Engineering team proudly announces Drone Show Software integration with fireworks scripting software Finale 3D

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Drone Show Technologies
September 29, 2022

SPH Engineering team proudly announces Drone Show Software integration with the world’s most powerful fireworks scripting software Finale 3D.

The National Fireworks Association's Expo was held September 6-10 in Kingsport, Tennessee, USA. Drone Show Software integration with Finale 3D was announced at the Finale 3D booth. This is a milestone event for the development of such a drone show form as integrated drone shows! It is now possible to export drone show animations from Finale 3D to Drone Show Software (DSS), as well as from DSS to Finale 3D, which allows you to simulate, plan and implement an integrated show that includes elements of fireworks and a drone show.

Finale 3D is the flagship product of Finale Fireworks company, the main goal of which is dedicated to providing software for fireworks professionals and hobbyists that makes them love every aspect of what they are doing. Finale 3D’s real-time simulation and drag-and-drop user interface empower you to design interactively.

This type of partnership responds to the demand of companies that have fireworks shows and light drone shows in their portfolios! We are always open to cooperation and are interested in improving technologies through joint efforts!

More about Drone Show Software: www.droneshowsoftware.com

More about Finale 3D: www.finale3d.com