SPH Engineering received green light for Zond Aero 500 GPR in North America

Integrated Systems
May 31, 2022

SPH Engineering has received FCC Grant of Equipment Authorisation and Canadian Certificate of Conformity that allows the company and its partners to conduct sales and works with Zond Aero 500 GPR in the USA and Canada accordingly. This type of GPR is the product of Radar Systems, Inc. and it was integrated with a UAV by SPH Engineering in 2021.

Zond Aero 500 by Radar Systems, Inc. is an ultra light weight single-unit GPR, specially designed for portable solutions. Device could be used as the standalone on-board equipment with the powering from external source and Ethernet cable connection or inside of the fully protective waterproof case with its own built-in Lithium-Ion battery and WiFi. This GPR has a built-in 500A antenna for single channel operation on the different time ranges. It is compatible with UgCS Integrated Systems solutions by SPH Engineering for airborne near surface geophysical surveying purposes. Top application areas are civil engineering with the focus on utilities detection, archeology, and shallow strata profiling.

‘As of today Zond Aero 500 is the lightweight GPR on the market that allows to collect data both with a cart and medium size drones and to meet all the FCC requirements. It increases flight time of large drones and could be used with medium drones such as DJI M300, SkyFront Perimeter 4 and others. Since 2019 SPH Engineering has been offering also a certified Zond-12e GPRin North America, but due to the weight limitations it is compatible with large drones only’, Alexey Dobrovolskiy, CTO at SPH Engineering, comments.

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