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SPH Engineering provides full solution for drone delivery

SPH Engineering
September 5, 2020

Drone delivery is a complicated topic including many technical and legal aspects.

For the past few years, we at SPH Engineering have gathered all pieces of the technological puzzle of drone deliveries. During collaboration with diverse customers the following knowledge and real-field experience has been gathered:

  1. Logistics Planning and Flight Control
    As in any delivery service first thing for drone delivery are the logistics and flight planning. Globally acknowledge drone mission planning software UgCS helps to find optimal path between warehouse and destination address. The embedded feature of geocoding helps to translate an address into GPS coordinates.

  2. UTM for Airspace Structure, Geofencing, and Authorization
    to properly form the route dispatcher should take into account airspace structure, geofencing and properly authorize the flight. As a part of Geosafe project SPH Engineering integrated UgCS with UTM software and provided pilot with all mentioned above capabilities. Similar task was solved together with AiRXOS.

  3. Telemetry Data to Dispatcher, UTM, CAA
    During the flight, both dispatchers of a delivery company and local aviation authorities should be able to track the progress and correctness of the trajectory. This again was tested by GeoSafe and Airxos. UgCS is able to send telemetry and video to UgCS ENTERPRISE Server for being displayed at the delivery company. In parallel telemetry data can be sent to UTM for CAA tracking.

  4. BVLOS - Beyond Visual Line Of Sight
    In many cases flights are performed BVLOS. UgCS can automatically generate safe flight plans along complicated terrain and urban areas utilizing 3D models and no-fly zones (NFZ). But BVLOS is not only about ground software. Connectivity is a huge topic. The team of SPH Engineering implemented an onboard module for DJI and Pixhawk-based drones enabling LTE-connectivity and constant connection between the drone and UgCS software. Together with partners from LMT, we accomplished successful BVLOS and cross-border flights with LTE connectivity enabled.

  5. Tracking and Logging
    Any business should have a solid operation tracking and logging for possible investigation and reporting. UgCS records all telemetry and video data from drones into a centralized database suitable for further analysis and reporting.

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