SPH Engineering Joins WeRobotics as a Technology Partner

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Data Processing & Custom Development
December 16, 2020

SPH Engineering became a technology partner of WeRobotics, a global NGO shifting the power of drones, data and AI from the global back to the local through the Flying Labs network. SPH Engineering joins existing NGO’s partners mainly to increase the Flying Labs’ tools for rapid imagery analysis. As the first step, tutorial webinars on ATLAS have been conducted.

SPH Engineering shares WeRobotics’ values of ‘The Power of Local’ and believes it is important to ensure that local experts with local knowledge are connected to a global community and have access to and proper training in emerging drone technologies.

With this in mind, the leading drone mission planning software UgCS, AI platform ATLAS and first commercially available Drone Show Software (DSS) become more accessible all over the world extending SPH Engineering's global network of more than 150 resellers in 50 countries. As the company grows, SPH Engineering aims at aligning itself with local partners in Africa, APEC and APAC regions, Europe, North and Latin America. It is the company’s commitment to UAV (or drone) professionals (or pilots) via resellers to ensure availability of UgCS, ATLAS and DSS in local markets including language support and training courses. The company’s continued support of academic studies by over 40 universities globally spreads over environmental, archeological, engineering & mining, agricultural, biological and many more areas of application.

Within half a year since the solution was introduced, AI-powered analytical capabilities of ATLAS to automate object detection on drone, satellite or other imagery have helped many organisations outside UgCS network to detect and count or measure the identified objects of interest. For example, to meet customers’ needs ATLAS has been trained to locate defects of the road surface, to identify complex shapes like field dodder weed or abandoned crab pots. Daewoo Engineering and Construction, the representative of Korea, has seen the potential in ATLAS as a groundbreaking platform, especially in the field of construction survey.

To learn more, read the WeRobotics blog.