SPH Engineering introduces new opportunities for LiDAR surveyors with UgCS EXPERT software license

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UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
February 25, 2022

SPH Engineering offers new opportunities for LiDAR experts offering UgCS EXPERT software license dedicated to LiDAR surveying purposes. The UgCS LiDAR toolset allows to plan and fly LiDAR area scans, perform corridor mapping; and it comes with in-built IMU calibration tools.

SPH Engineering introduced the UgCS LiDAR toolset in July 2021. It supports the most popular UAV-based LiDARs and is currently compatible with DJI M300, DJI M600 with integrated cameras, and DJI Matrice 200/210 series. The toolset allows optimizing time and cost-effectiveness at all stages of data collection and processing.

At the flight planning stage, time could be saved on mission planning with flight patterns and turns designed specifically for LiDAR surveys. At the flight stage, one may acquire high-quality laser data with preset IMU initialization patterns and anti-shake LiDAR turns. During post-flight data analysis, the high accuracy of acquired data ensures getting desired results with one trip to the field and better data analysis.

Based on the task, common application areas may include but not be limited to power line inspections, road inspections, construction, mining, archaeology, forestry.

Discover the UgCS LiDAR toolset's functionality in detail

UgCS EXPERT is available as a perpetual license - one-time purchase. To purchase a license, get in touch with a local UgCS reseller or visit our shop.