SPH Engineering extends its global reseller network

SPH Engineering
October 19, 2020

The leading drone mission planning software UgCS becomes more accessible all over the world extending SPH Engineering's global network of more than 150 resellers in 50 countries.

As the company grows, SPH Engineering aims at having UgCS business more weighed in distribution and welcomes on board 9 new resellers that joined UgCS global network in 3Q2020. SPH Engineering is pleased to be aligning itself with new partners in Africa, APEC and APAC regions, Europe, North and Latin America. It is the company’s commitment to UAV (or drone) professionals (or pilots) via resellers to ensure availability of UgCS in local markets including language support and training courses.

The UgCS reseller network is enriched with:

South Africa - Blacklight Group (PTY) LTD


Israel - Terralog Innovation LTD

South Korea - Mastor Korea Ltd., Co.


Germany - Deutsches Institut fur Geoinformatik GmbH & Co. KG

Russia - Fotometr LLC

United States - Geo-Vision Air Services, LLC

México - Geotem Ingeniería S.A. de C.V.

Find the nearest UgCS reseller & drone pilot training centre in your location >>>


To become a UgCS Reseller, please get in touch with Sales Manager Mrs.L.Lapina by sending an email to liga[@]ugcs.com.

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