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SPH Engineering Demo Days for the Integrated UAV Solutions

SPH Engineering
October 12, 2023

On September 20-21, 2023, we hosted the second Demo Days event in the SPH Engineering office in Riga, Latvia. During the event we presented Integrated Systems, one of SPH Engineering's drone technologies, enabling integration between a drone, SkyHub, various sensors and UgCS software.The tests of the various airborne sensors happened near our office in the Sensor Testing Range.

The workshop was an excellent opportunity to present our Airborne Integrated UAV Solutions for geophysical, hydrographic, industrial, archeological surveying, and environmental monitoring. After tests in the field we had a chance to process and analyse the data together. Thanks to the participants from around the world for making the event memorable and valuable.

The UAV Solutions we presented and tested during the event:


- SENSYS MagDrone R3


- Geometrics MagArrow

- SPH Engineering MagNIMBUS (QuSpin-powered)


- Radar Systems Zond Aero LF

- Radar Systems Zond Aero 1000 NG

Echo sounder

- Echologger ECT400

Raw data gathered during two-days event