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SPH Engineering announces the release of UgCS 5.0 - The most significant UgCS update in years

UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
April 23, 2024

SPH Engineering is proud to announce the release of UgCS 5.0, marking a significant milestone in drone flight planning software evolution. The most significant UgCS update in years has landed, bringing along an updated, more user-friendly interface and many other improvements. New UgCS 5.0 is inspired by feedback from the professional drone pilot community. This update is a significant step toward making drone flight planning faster and more intuitive than ever before.

A few of the best news in UgCS 5.0

Modern Interface.Simplified Flight Planning. We have simplified the flight planning process, making UgCS more accessible to newcomers while still keeping the functionality needed by seasoned professionals. Spend less time planning missions and gather data faster.

Faster file import / export - Default operating system dialog windows are now used for file selection, making file import/export seamless.

Revised telemetry / commands panel - The drone telemetry and commands panel has been revised, allowing pilots to focus on only the most important information needed during the flight.

Accessible flight overview - The elevation profile window displaying the flight height above terrain, mission duration, and other important parameters is now located in the top bar, allowing to quickly preview it when needed.

Resizeable, adjustable to fit your needs - UgCS 5.0 is now easier to use on external screens, just rescale using the keyboard if needed and plan flights on a screen of any size. (change scale using Ctrl+, Ctrl- shortcuts)

Quick Mode Switching - Seamlessly switch from route editing to telemetry player, enhancing both planning and post-flight analysis.

About SPH Engineering and UgCS

SPH Engineering, the developer behind UgCS, continues to lead in multi-platform flight planning solutions, supporting an extensive range of drones from top manufacturers like DJI, Freefly, Inspired Flight, and others featured on the Blue UAS list. UgCS is engineered to empower pilots to capture accurate data efficiently, minimize risks, and deliver high-quality results that meet the demands of commercial clients.

UgCS enables drone operators to expand their service offerings, venturing into advanced and lucrative market segments such as powerline inspections and LiDAR surveys.

This Is The Right Moment To Join The UgCS Pilot Community

Don't miss out on experiencing flight planning like never before with UgCS 5.0. Get your license today and enjoy planned flights with terrain following, a 3D flight planning interface, offline maps (fly without an internet connection), and other unique features.

Simplify drone flight planning to focus on more important things in your life.

Contact Information: info@sphengineering.com