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SPH Engineering Announced 22 Winners of the 4th International Drone Show Competition

Drone Show Technologies
December 5, 2023

SPH Engineering proudly announced the exceptional results of the 4th International Drone Show Competition, showcasing an impressive array of talent and creativity from participants across 24 countries with 105 applications in 8 diverse categories.

The competition demonstrates the growth and innovation in the drone show industry. The results were unveiled at the Live Design International Trade Show (LDI), featuring a collaborative drone show with Sky Elements Drones, that illuminated Las Vegas sky with 400 drones, letting the whole city know about 22 outstanding winners.

"The results of the 4th International Drone Show Competition are exceptional, and we are proud, for the first time, to bridge the online competition to an offline celebration of the winners. We've received an overwhelming number of amazing projects, signaling a flourishing industry. The drone show industry is evolving rapidly thanks to the increasing number of talented providers and animators contributing to the sector's growth. This year, the jury board faced an exceptional challenge due to the outstanding number of submissions. The caliber of entries led to the expansion of recognition to include 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places across all categories. We are committed to continuous expansion of the Drone Show Competition with industry growth, and can't wait to start work on next year's activities to surprise you even more with better projects and wider activities," shared Alexander Levandovskiy, Head of Drone Show Technologies at SPH Engineering.

Winners of the 4th International Drone Show Competition:

Drone Show Animation

Drone Show Japan with animation for the fairy tale "The Bremen Musicians"

Drone Show at the Event

1st place - Lumasky Drone Show from United Arab Emirates with Drone Show for Formula 1 race at Baku City Circuit

2nd place - Andrei Golenev from United Arab Emirates with Drone Show for the Saudi Tour cycling race

3rd place - Celestial from United Kingdom with Drone Show for Secret Garden Party

Drone Show Storytelling

1st place - BotLab Dynamics from India with Janmashtami festival

2nd place - Stellar Lights from Australia with Aboriginal Dreaming story

3rd place - AO - Drones from United Arab Emirates with Drone Show for "Como Residences”

Drone Show as Marketing Tool

1st place - Sky Elements Drone Shows from United States with “The Flash” Drone Show

2nd place - Pixis Drones from United States with Drone Show for One Piece series, Netflix

3rd place - Drone Show Europe by Spectrum production with Drone Show for Advertising campaign of telephone operator One in Albania

Drone Show for Raising Social Awareness

1st place - Celestial from United Kingdom with Drone Show Humble Courage

2nd place - Sky Elements Drone Shows from United States with Drone Show Wave of Light

3rd place - New Rise Technologies from Saudi Arabia with Drone Show Ribbons of Hope: Riyadh Unites Against Breast Cancer

Drone Show with a Small Fleet

1st place - Stellar Lights from Australia with Drone Show “Seagulls and the Sea”

2nd place - Martin Merkl from Czech Republic with Drone Show for Pretty Lights's concerts

3rd place - Andromeda from Belgium with Drone Show "INVASION"

Rising Star Drone Show

1st place - That Drone Show Guy from United States with Austin Rickroll Drone QR Code Prank

2nd place - Flyby Guys from Finland with the first ever drone light show in Helsinki and Finland with a Nordic theme

3rd place - Illumin Drone Show Company Inc from Canada with The Matrix 1 movie-themed show

Collaborative Drone Show

1st place - Andrei Golenev from UAE with Kuwait's national day

2nd place - Drone Sky Shows from United States with Sky Symphony united Drone Sky shows Australia, Japan , China, and Singapore

3rd place - Dutch Drone Shows from Netherlands with Drone Show Festival Gijon

Along with the recognition, the winner of the most captivating animation will have the opportunity to present the drone show choreography at the International Drone Show Festival in Spain in 2024. Additionally, winners of the best show categories will receive the following prizes: FPV Drones, tickets to Cannes Lions 2024, tickets to the one of the most influential global design events —the International Forum SIGGRAPH Asia 2024, and others.

See the Competition results on the website and watch the videos of the winners on YouTube and Instagram!

The partners that supported this year’s Competition:

  • Sky Elements Drone Shows, based in Fort Worth, Texas, is a Guinness World Record holding drone light show company that has produced hundreds of drone light shows throughout the United States and internationally. Sky Elements Drone Shows brings exciting aerial entertainment to community events, private parties, and corporate events, both large and intimate.
  • Flock Drone Art, is a drone light show company that supported the winners in the “Best drone show animation” nomination, helped to craft the final version of choreography and used their fleet to fly the drone show.
  • The GetFPV Learn site is the perfect platform to broaden your understanding of various types of drones, including FPV racing drones, racing, freestyle, micro, and cinedrones. On the GetFPV Learn site, you are able to discover a wealth of articles that delve into the intricacies of these diverse drone disciplines.

And others.


In 2020, SPH Engineering kicked off the 1st International Drone Show Choreography Competition. In 4 years, this contest has evolved into a broader Drone Show Competition, with 574 entries from 104 countries, honoring 53 outstanding winners. The Competition aims at bringing together the best representatives of the drone show industry and presenting their amazing drone light shows and projects to the whole world!