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SPH Engineering and La Orizont & Skyline Drones Partner to Expand Integrated Sensor Sales in Eastern Europe

SPH Engineering
June 20, 2023

June 20, 2023, Riga, Latvia and Timișoara, Romania SPH Engineering and La Orizont & Skyline Drones have recently entered into a partnership agreement to sell integrated sensors and licenses in Eastern Europe, encompassing Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Kosovo, and Bulgaria.

This strategic alliance opens doors for the sale of various products, including LiDAR, Photogrammetry, Inspections (vertical, PV, and wind), Magnetometer, GPR, and Video surveillance. Through this collaboration, customers in the region will have access to a wide range of cutting-edge solutions to meet their needs. It presents an exciting opportunity for both companies to expand their market reach and offer comprehensive technology solutions to customers in Eastern Europe.

“I am happy about this promising partnership between SPH Engineering and La Orizont & Skyline Drones, which is a positive step towards expanding its presence and growing its business in the region. This collaboration will improve support and service for customers in the area,” said Liga Lapina, Key Partner Account Manager at SPH Engineering

„We consider the partnership with SPH Engineering a big step forward in consolidating the portfolio of software products and sensors that we now make available to clients on the Eastern European market. The professionalism, balanced approach, and passion of SPH Engineering in creating solutions such as UGCS - the offline mission planning and flight control software with True Terrain Following, Magnetometers, Radar altimeters, GPRs, and many more others recommend them as key partners in the industry developing UAVs and adjacent solutions,” said Ciprian Iorga, CEO & Founder of La Orizont and Skyline Drones


SPH Engineering is an expert in drone technology development. Since its establishment in Latvia (EU) in 2013, it has been focused on developing advanced solutions for a wide range of uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs).
The company's state-of-the-art technologies are specifically designed to enhance the experience of drone-based activities like surveying, data collection, and entertainment. SPH Engineering has a significant customer base and partner network spread over 150 countries worldwide, giving a solid global presence.

La Orizont is an accredited distributor for Quantum Systems, YellowScan, PhaseOne, DJI, Emlid, PIX4D, and many others and an exclusive distributor of Trinity F90+ and LiDAR solutions from YellowScan, as well as PIX4D catch and viDoc RTK. It is a market leader in Romania in aerial scanning, crop monitoring, and implementation of the latest solutions in aerial inspections and innovative technologies as an integrated part of Precision Agriculture. Together with Skyline Drones, the two are the main suppliers of equipment and professional drone aerial scanning services in Romania. The 7 teams provide national and regional coverage in Eastern Europe, with completed projects in Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Kosovo.