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SPH Engineering and Inspired Flight Technologies join forces for more advanced drone solutions

Integrated Systems
December 21, 2023

SPH Engineering, a leading expert in drone technology development, has announced its strategic partnership with Inspired Flight Technologies Inc., a NDAA Compliant and Blue sUAS approved drones manufacturer.

This collaboration represents a significant step forward in the drone industry, as it unites SPH Engineering's technologies with Inspired Flight's drone hardware.

Our integrated systems with sensors such as GPR, magnetometers, a methane detector, and an echo sounder are fully compatible with the Inspired Flight IF1200A drone, with more models to be supported soon. With our drone-based solutions, we aim to solve the challenges in various industries and regions, and the partnership with Inspired Flight takes us even closer to this goal, says SPH Engineering CEO Alexey Dobrovolskiy.

This collaboration aims to bring more value to the customers and expand the use of drones classically, like lidar and photogrammetry, and more widely in geophysics, construction, and mining.

We're excited to join forces with SPH Engineering. It will allow our technologies to provide businesses with comprehensive drone solutions, enhancing efficiency, safety, and performance across various industries, says Adam Bilmes from Inspired Flight Technologies Inc.


SPH Engineering specializes in drone technology development, focusing on advanced solutions for various uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Flight Technologies Inc. founded in San Luis Obispo, CA in 2017, IFT’s U.S. based team manufactures and supports highly capable and agile UAS platforms for both commercial and government applications. Inspired Flight's UAS are ideal for the most demanding applications including aerial photogrammetry, surveying, thermal inspection, and more. Learn more at