SPH Engineering and Eye4Software partner to advance bathymetric and hydrological data collection

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SPH Engineering
August 11, 2020

SPH Engineering, the world’s premier UgCS software developer and integration services provider for unmanned aerial systems, and Eye4Software, a leading developer of hydrographic software, are announcing a partnership agreement to synchronise the UgCS solution for bathymetry and the Hydromagic Survey software package. The cooperation is expected to advance the methods of bathymetric and hydrological data collection with drones.

The integrated drone system for bathymetry consists of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) drone with a single or dual-frequency echo sounder. The full integration is ensured with the flight planning and control software UgCS and a special onboard software by SPH Engineering. Hydromagic, a professional hydrographic survey package by Eye4Software, is applied to data processing gathered using an echo sounder attached to the drone.

Experts from both SPH Engineering and Eye4Software worked hard to ensure compatibility of data files generated by onboard drone software with Hydromagic. NMEA 0183 with bathymetric data and SEG-Y files with full echo sounder data can be processed with Hydromagic to produce output results (depth maps, contour maps, 3D models) according to the requirements of the industry.

“Thanks to our professional partnership with Eye4Software we can provide complete solutions and support from a single source - everything from bathymetric data collection using drones to data processing with a state-of-the-art software package. I am proud to see that our brand new drone-based solution with an integrated echo sounder for bathymetric surveys has been well-received by the market and we have already made our first product shipments to meet clients’ demands” - Alexey Dobrovolskiy, CTO of SPH Engineering, comments.

"With the improved SEG-Y import function in our Hydromagic Survey package, SPH Engineering's customers can now use our hydrographic processing software which has been in use by many USV operators for years. Combining our and SPH Engineering’s technologies, it is now even possible to survey areas even a USV can't operate" - Leon Steijger, CEO at Eye4Software B.V., adds.

Earlier this year SPH Engineering announced the launch of a UAV drone integrated with an echo sounder, a new product for bathymetric surveys of inland and coastal waters. This method of data collection is time- & cost-efficient and suitable for mapping, measuring, and inspections, as well as environmental monitoring.

A video presentation of the bathymetric survey of a lake (near SPH’s HQ in Riga, Latvia) using a UAV drone equipped with an echo sounder.


About SPH Engineering

SPH Engineering is a provider of UAV software solutions, integration services, consulting, and custom development to expand drone applications. Its innovations support UAVs of different manufacturers and advance drone technologies for surveying, data collection, and entertainment. Founded in 2013 in Latvia (EU), the company has a global customer and partner network in 150+ countries.

About Hydromagic by Eye4Software B.V.

Hydromagic by Eye4Software B.V. (eye4software.com) is a single beam hydrographic survey package with a very small learning curve. In other words, you are not supposed to take a week's training in order to perform your first survey. The software is designed for performing hydrographic surveys, but can as well be used for positioning (dredging) vessels or barges, navigating on ECDIS maps or in the fishing industry, to navigate into fishing parcels.