New versions of UgCS (4.9) and UgCS for DJI (2.37) released

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UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
June 8, 2022

Riga, Latvia - June 8, 2022 – SPH Engineering, provider of UAV software solutions, integration services, consulting, and custom development to expand drone applications, announces release of UgCS v.4.9 and UgCS for DJI (Android) v.2.37.

What's new:


New Features

  • Added advanced map & elevation caching for offline use. It is now possible to select and cache maps and elevation on large areas, preview cached areas and manage them. The size of a single area can be up to 100 square kilometers.
    This is an experimental feature. To enable it, go to Main Menu / Configuration / Experimental features and select “Enable experimental features”. It will now be available in Map Options / Map Layers / Offline maps.
  • Added support for Freefly AltaX drone. Route upload, actions and other features are now supported. When connected, the drone will be displayed as a PX4 quad. To use this drone, make sure to select the “Support PX4 vehicles” checkbox during installation.
    If you have Ardupilot VSM installed, make sure it is stopped in the Service Manager and “Autostart” is disabled when using AltaX or another PX4 drone. Otherwise, ArduPilot VSM and PX4 VSM may conflict.


  • Ardupilot VSM is no longer selected to be installed by default. If you need to use an Ardupilot-based drone, make sure to select “Support ArduPilot vehicles” checkbox during installation. You can also repair UgCS installation by running the installation file again and adding it.
  • Right-clicking anywhere on the map and selecting “Offline map” opens up the dialog window for selecting a region on the map for caching it. For this option to be available, experimental features have to be enabled in the Main Menu / Configuration page.


  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Known issues

  • If large areas are cached using the experimental offline map caching feature, UgCS uninstallation can take longer.

Download the latest UgCS version »»»

UgCS for DJI

New features

  • Implemented full support for Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced (M2EA) drone, added additional camera settings and the ability to switch between thermal and visual views as well as a split-screen option where both camera views are shown side-by-side
  • Introduced the option to perform flat-field correction (FFC) for infrared cameras.
  • Added camera auto exposure (AE) lock / unlock feature.
  • For DJI Zenmuse H20/H20T implemented the ability to switch between single-shot and interval shot modes.


  • "Joystick Control" was removed from the main menu of the app since it served no purpose there. As before, the ability to accept/decline camera joystick control by the remote operator is still accessible from the joystick button in the bottom bar on the main screen.


  • Fixed an issue where sometimes route upload to DJI M300 would fail with a “command timeout” error.
  • Improvements in overall application stability.

Download the latest UgCS for DJI version »»»