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New UgCS v.4.1 released

UgCS: Flight Planning & Control
January 19, 2021

Riga, Latvia - January 19, 2021 - For this latest update of the UgCS, its developer – SPH Engineering – has focused on improving the precision in communication with MAVLink autopilots and the handling of routes in terrain-following mode relying on Ardupilots inbuilt rangefinder.

Release notes for UgCS v.4.1 (117)


  • For Ardupilot and PX4 to increases GPS precision UgCS uses MISSION_ITEM_INT mavlink message instead of MISSION_ITEM.
  • For Ardupilot terrain-following mode with rangefinder:
  1. Introduced the ability to upload a route with “Rangefinder“ altitude modes while the rangefinder isn't connected to the drone. If the rangefinder is in a bad health state or isn't connected, the warning message appears in the vehicle log. Don't fly routes without a good health rangefinder, it can cause the drone to crash!
  2. To enhance low-altitude flight safety the rangefinder is now also used between a non-rangefinder segment and the next adjacent rangefinder segment.
  3. The warning “For safety reason, it's recommended to reduce speed to <V> or increase flight height to <H>.“ is displayed in the vehicle log if (from our experience) the speed on some parts of the flight path is not safe.


  • For Ardupilot to enhance low-altitude flight safety using splines in the routes with rangefinder segments now prohibited.


  • Upload of route to ArduPlane.

Uploading route to ArduPlane failed due to a fence uploading error. Now UgCS doesn't upload fence to ArduPlane vehicles. Fence functionality will be reworked in next versions.

  • Upload of more than 99 points to Parrot ANAFI.
  • Incorrect heading while flying facade scan: sometimes the vehicle haven't faced the facade during executing a facade scan segment. It depended on the previous segment. Now the vehicle always faces the facade and does not depend on previous segment's azimuth.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Release notes for BETA UgCS for DJI v.2.28.87


  • Support for M300 and Waypoints 2.0:
  1. Support for all flight planning patterns: photogrammetry, corridor inspections and facade inspections
  2. Support for actions: wait, POI, camera attitude, camera trigger by time/distance, camera shot, camera start/stop video recording;
  3. Currently, features which are NOT supported for M300: Panorama action; Click & Go command; Spline turn types; uploading routes from UgCS for DJI without the connection to UgCS desktop.
  • Support for M300 cameras:
  1. displaying videos from both FPV and main camera (H20/H20T) on the UgCS for DJI screen;
  2. switching between main camera lenses: wide, zoom, thermal (for H20T);
  3. changing general settings of the active lens;
  4. manual camera triggering in all modes (wide/zoom/thermal) and video recording.